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      500 million 300,000 metric tons 400 million Quality assurance
      24 square KM mine resources,
      salt cake reserves comes
      to 500 million metric tons
      The annual production of
      sodium sulfate anhydrous
      reaches to 300,000 metric tons.
      Possesses RMB 400 million total assets,
      its annual revenue is nearly 400 million
      while the tax reaches 30 million
      GB/T6009-2003 standard
      certification by ISO9001:2000
      standard of GB/T10500-2009 first grade.

      We FOCUSED ON PRODUCING Sodium sulphate anhydrous and sodium sulfide flakes in difference specification and business for some related chemical products.


      Sichuan Shenhong Chemical Industry Group Co. Ltd. consists in a parent company and two subsidiaries.
      With sales agencies established in major cities in China, it is ready for your consultation and is looking forward to your visit.

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